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In a sort of complicated thing with the love of my life

Not The Best Combo || Faberry 

Anger. Anger was coursing through Quinn’s veins. Anger and Jealously. How dare someone else get to touch Rachel the way she did. How dare someone even think about Rachel that way? How dare Rachel let this happen. Let someone that wasn’t Quinn….do anything to her? She was Quinn’s. Quinn didn’t even want to think about the fact that Rachel was the cause of this. She said it herself, she led him on. Anger. Anger at both of them was pumping through every fibre of her being. 

As soon as her phone had cut off, Quinn had started making her way to the train station. Fuck her classes. Fuck everything. She needed to see Rachel now. Of course, now she was stuck on a train for a couple of hours, which was just stirring up her feelings even more. How could Rachel of done this to her? How could this Brody guy have the audacity to touch her girl? Bitch better not be too attached to his testicles.

As soon as the train pulled up to the station, Quinn was off, hands in her pockets of her leather jacket, bitch face on. Steadily marching to Rachel’s Apartment, and knocking on the door opposite Rachel’s. A Guy opened the door, smirking when he gave her the once over “Now, what can I do for you?" Quinn rolled her eyes "Are you Brody?" He nodded, an annoyingly smug look on his face "But you can call me anything you want, baby" Before the last syllable had barely left his lips, Quinn drew her hand back and punched him in the nose, a loud crack resonating around the room "Stay away from my girlfriend, You bitch" Quinn yelled at Brody who was now nursing a bleeding nose.

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    "I love you too, of course I know that." She smiled, holding Quinn close. She wrapped her arms tightly around her and...
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    As soon as Rachel wrapped her arms around Quinn, the taller girl curled into her, never wanting to leave this embrace....
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